I have launched a community campaign to build a garden for a dear friend who has been suffering at the hands of domestic violence by her ex-husband, and the father of her two boys. 

She has lost an eye, and with the offender in jail, her boys have now also lost their father.

Early this year, Sare and her boys moved into their new home. It's much smaller than their previous family home and Sare felt the courtyard was bare and barren, making it feel as though there was no place to spill out from the home, a place to sit and chill with friends. To help her feel excited about her new place, I gifted a garden design to show her the potential... no matter what the size. 

I am a huge believer in that your environment has a HUGE affect on the way you live and feel. And just because your space may be small, it doesn't mean you can't make it beautiful, right?! 

Here are a couple of perspective drawings of her soon-to-be courtyard garden...

A Garden For Sare | Slightly Garden Obsessed
A Garden For Sare | Slightly Garden Obsessed

This is the current situation of the outdoor space... A hard, square brick paved courtyard without any shade, softness or greenery.


Since the incident in August 2013, Sare has had to undertake many surgeries to try to correct the damage inflicted on her eye.. all while caring for her boys and working. She has also become an unintentional ambassador for domestic abuse, with articles on her story in the (please note, some images of Sarah's injuries are graphic) Australian Daily Mail and most recently being offered to fly to Sydney to be interviewed for a story in New Idea, which was published August 2015.

A snippet of the New Idea article published August 2015

A snippet of the New Idea article published August 2015

But Sare is not alone. The statistics on domestic violence are frightening. It would not be uncommon for you reading this to know of someone close to you who has suffered from domestic violence. If this small act can shed more light on this silent epidemic, fabulous. But more so, if it can bring a little sunshine to Sare and her boys lives then we've done what we've set out to do.

Your help in any way, shape or form is so very much appreciated. If you are a supplier or tradesperson who would like to kindly offer your products or labour, please get in touch hello@sgoxblog.com... I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Mon x