Preparing for A Garden For Sare

I'm so getting a Go Pro for our garden installs for its time lapse goodness!!

Courtyard Perspective | Slightly Garden Obsessed

This is a sneak peek of the 'before' and of us preparing for the install for A Garden For Sare.

Big thanks to Alastair from Urban Journey who put the time lapse idea out there & set this up.

If you would like to get involved in this community project, we are holding a design workshop on the 10th Jan.. All ticket sales go towards building this garden!! Head to for further details.. What a fab Chrissy pressie idea!!! ;)

Special thanks to Alastair from Urban Journey, Lara from LAHAUS & Bec Hutchinson for donating their time & amazing design knowledge for the workshop held at LAHAUS HQ.

Hope to see you there!! 

Mon X


Our designs now come with animations!

Bringing you a new kinda movie night to bore your friends & family with ;)

This is THE perfect communication tool to use for both our clients in Perth and around Australia.. It allows you to be in your new space and take it all in... virtual style. 

Check out this animation and outdoor design we've recently put together for Sharon of Sass and Spice below... And here's what she had to say, too.. "Ahhh I can watch that animation over and over! Thanks for the hard work on the design and I look forward to the next stage".

Well, thank you Sharon for being a FAB client!

This is a complimentary service that comes with the first stage of the design process (3D stage) and is Dropbox'd so you can store it on your computer... and share it with your friends ;)

Mon x




Welcome to 2015!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and New Year's celebrations with your loved ones. For me, 2014 was a fabulous year and will be hard to top! It was the year I launched the Slightly Garden Obsessed blog (on the 1st January), lived in and travelled the US with my partner for 3 months, started up my garden design business in November and commenced our outdoor renovations at our house - WOO!! 

But, I do have a feeling I'll be doing everything I can to make this year the best yet, both personally and professionally... How about you? Have you put together your goals and aspirations for 2015? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I always think putting them out there to others makes you feel more accountable and obligated to make them happen!

So, to start from the top of my list, here is one of the first goals I'll be ticking off for 2015 - I have something very exciting coming up for Slightly Garden Obsessed... 

Watch the video below to find out more x

A Quick Tip to Find Your Garden Style

Figuring out the ultimate style you want for your garden can be a little confusing. The more you research, the more you can detract from the original idea you started with. It's a task not to want it all... and second guess your style decisions in the process!

So in this video, I share with you one simple - yet effective - tip to help you find out what your instinctive true style really is.



Maybe you have used this tip before? Or you think it may be useful for your design project? I'd love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below!

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3 Tips To Consider When Selecting Bamboo For Your Garden

OK, so I had promised this post a couple of weeks ago but I had an idea to do this as a vlog {video blog} and therefore got a little sidetracked! I needed a microphone to do this so I ordered one in from Mike's Camera in downtown Boulder. But when I plugged it in it didn't work. Something to do with needing 4 sections on the plug. This only had 2. I should have researched a little more.


Anyway, I strapped on my video training wheels and worked around it by holding up my iPhone earphones with microphone as close to my mouth as possible, without it showing. After too many takes to count, my original setup on a glass table by the window collapsed on me - serious OUCH! Luckily it was only the glass vase that broke and not the glass table.

I regrouped and gave it one last go. And here it is. Unfortunately it cuts out at the end because Phil walked through the door behind me just as I was wrapping it up...

*palm slapping to the top of the forehead moment*

There are further details below after the video with the end of the 3rd tip, plus a few of my favourite Bamboo species that I love.

I promise to work on my video form for you! But as they say, you never start out perfect, right?!

Quick reference from the video -

Tip #1 : Be sure to find out the variety of the Bamboo you are planting -  is it clumping or running?

  • Clumping can be planted into the ground.
  • Running must be planted in a contained pot as it is invasive and is classed as a noxious weed in some states.

Tip #2 : Make sure the aspect or location is correct for the species of Bamboo 

  • Does it require full sun or shade?
  • Is it tolerant of wind?
  • Do you require a variety that can be used as a wind break or screening?
  • Can you access the plant easily for regular feeding?
  • Can you tolerate leaf litter in your pool?

Tip #3: Research the species to find out its growth habit 

  • Be sure to buy from reputable suppliers who label correctly
  • What is its maximum height?
  • Is it dense or open? Does this match your requirements?


Slender Weavers {Bambusa textilis 'Gracilis'} Clumping, up to 6-8 meters, fine stems

Japanese Hedge Bamboo {Bambusa multiplex} Clumping, dense, up to 4-5 meters

Black Bamboo {Phyllostachys nigra} Running so must be contained and requires shade as the sun will bleach the stems white. Beautiful form.

Thanks for watching! If you have any Bamboo questions feel free to email me

MON. x