Preparing for A Garden For Sare

I'm so getting a Go Pro for our garden installs for its time lapse goodness!!

Courtyard Perspective | Slightly Garden Obsessed

This is a sneak peek of the 'before' and of us preparing for the install for A Garden For Sare.

Big thanks to Alastair from Urban Journey who put the time lapse idea out there & set this up.

If you would like to get involved in this community project, we are holding a design workshop on the 10th Jan.. All ticket sales go towards building this garden!! Head to for further details.. What a fab Chrissy pressie idea!!! ;)

Special thanks to Alastair from Urban Journey, Lara from LAHAUS & Bec Hutchinson for donating their time & amazing design knowledge for the workshop held at LAHAUS HQ.

Hope to see you there!! 

Mon X