S P A C E S   W A N T E D


We have a super fab campaign coming up and are looking for outdoor spaces to set up and shoot from. We require a north or west facing garden, preferably a large courtyard as it MUST have walls we can paint and hang things from. This can be a residential or commercial space.

Most importantly, it has to be a space you are not precious about as we may need to do some moving around of things. This is perfect for a garden that needs some TLC!!

In exchange, I will design a new garden for you to implement after the shoot or in the future when you're ready (does not include install). Hey, you may even like what we do to the place and decide to keep it that way!

If you are willing to let us use your space, please enter your details in the form...

Perth & Byron Bay only.

Thanks a bunch!

Mon X

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Upload a few snaps of your space to Dropbox (or other cloud sharing platform) and paste file link in the box. If all else fails, email some snaps to hello@sgoxblog.com after you've completed the form.